MArina kulpina CF
Entities and money

Marina has been facilitating Access Consciousness classes since 2018.

Always hungry for changes and always hunting possibilities.
Facilitator of such specialties as Talking To The Entities, Business Done Different, Relationship Done Different, X-man, Right Voice For You, Being You - Marina created and visited more than 200 advanced Access Consciousness classes.

Marina's favorite topic is Money. She adores it, she creates it, she spends it. And she is a great invitation for everyone to enjoy it at the same level of ease and joy!

Be careful with this class - it can literally change your life!

Marina Kulpina
Intro-class "Entities and money"

Date: May 28 (Saturday)
Time: 17:00-18:30 (Hora CET)
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This class will be devoted to two of the hottest topics at once: entities and money!
How is it to receive money from entities? How to communicate with entities?

How to give them a job to create money for you?

If you are ready to receive from the spirit world, you will discover a reality where money will find you by itself! Choose this?!

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Payment for the intro class "Entities and money"
Attention! Payment in $ and € is accepted only via PayPal
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